If you're answering for yourself, The Confession Album offers an opportunity to gain and share the solace of self-expression; a way to relay knowledge or impart wisdom; store a little data about what matters in the old-fashioned way, by putting pen to paper.

If you're collecting someone else's answers - whether together in person or by inviting them to respond alone and share with you later - The Confession Album is above all an opportunity to bond. To lend your ears and give your love.

The Confession Album might be used to mark a birthday or anniversary. As an activity to anchor a family trip or weekend with friends. At the very least, it beats a Greeting Card or social media quiz. At best, it creates a small but thoughtful legacy - recording thought, and hard-won wisdom, to advise and inspire.

For Aspiring Writers, The Confession Album removes one more barrier to putting pen to paper. The Confession Album is designed to encourage you to make a start, to help writers find and refine their voice on the page.

The Confession Album: 100 Revlatory Life Questions